rand prize of the Academy of Fine Arts, made by floriande cherel

Project description...

The 1999 program required to design a series of buildings dedicated to the sea, in tribute to Eric Tabarly, including, among others, a thalassotherapy center, the radio headquarters, two hotels, a research center on marine fauna, multiple ports for boats, marinas, boatyards, a harbor, the whole thought of a fictional land in the city of our choice.

I chose as the location for the imaginary project the input port of Marseille, at the foot of the Palais du Pharo-website already includes boatyards and seat of the Comex. At the extreme left of the project, the harbor shaped arrow points to the port, while on the right end of the hotel and spa center unfolds plan in the shape of a nautilus. This seashell spiral which reminded me of the personality of a man like Eric Tabarly centered on an interior open to the sea and the world, as is the possibility of a vertical climb between the sea and the sky. This image has resulted this project, open to the sea, letting the view, pedestrian and naval traffic, then gradually articulating the inétrieurs spaces through saltwater and freshwater pools at different levels, to the stairs leading to successive levels open terraces on the port.