Red and shadows, by Floriande CHEREL

“Red and shadow” :


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By drinking this rich and complex wine , mysterious, we first talked about the smell of the woods, humus and rust : these materials shade , soil and water, where time becomes the items as in a secret alchemy. I wish that this painting is a reflection of these matters, but I was looking through the taste of landscape architecture and I imagined bright colors and surprising harmony in shadows ... How to assemble these colors ?
We talked about horses, muscle , sweat , and gradually is profiled in the imagination a " powerful " architecture , stable and built layer by layer into the distance ... A landscape made ​​of earth and cliffs , enclosed on itself like a vase , deep and mysterious to leave the items settle "inside " and generously open to the sky.
The words were there, but the gesture did not quite follow . It was that kind of a stream table , it flows naturally , like an image that has long matured and gives a sip.
Generosity is the word that stuck in my head when I drew.