Summer landscape, by Floriande CHEREL

“Summer landscape” :


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This wine was not easy to describe. It was mysterious and full of history and initially left us speechless. Then, we are gradually came to mind the image of a monk or a pilgrim, in any case of a character full of experience, knowledge and interrogation. We imagined the churches, and for my part Romanesque churches with simple volumes and squat faded in the distance, and married to the landscape. 

He was a working landscape and shaped man's hand, inhabited, suffused with light-and no matter the color it was first necessary that evokes the mystery and distance, she bathes things diffusely. This is what I tried to represent, between the earth and the fields, paths drawing a zigzag geometry, cypresses pointing skyward evoking Tuscany, a discussion in the foreground and the silhouette of a church away.