The secret 2014, by Floriande CHEREL

"The last day of Mistral":

"Who knows not enjoy drinking more wine but tastes secrets." This sentence of Salvadore Dali summarizes the complexity of this wine.
Tasted in summer after a long walk in the estate vineyards, The Secret seemed like a bright afternoon of August, as a clear sky on the last day of Mistral, almost ethereal. Then, very quickly, it is the certainty of a structured wine that is imposed.
But how to express this "structure" ...: Does the composition of a painting, the structure of an architecture, that of a landscape? Or that feeling of escape stage by stage to an image that is revealed?
The richness of this wine has spoken to me a contradiction in terms, but I have chosen to express the mystery: the "secret" is the light, whatever is what it symbolizes for everyone. It's what makes mature, and that lights in the case of my table which can illuminate every time another day.