The upside, by Floriande CHEREL

"The upside":

 Five people gathered to enjoy this wine with me. Once explained the rules of the game -"You agree you describe what you feel"Here are the adjectives and phrases that marked me
- This wine is green! 
- Red Earth but it's the green that dominates
- It looks like a Bruegel ... 
- It is old, but old is not the word
- "Gargantuan", it could be defined? 
Armed with these strange adjectives, the name of this wine, which alone could make a chart and its powerful taste (neither modern nor ancient but terrestrial and deep), I chose to represent the way I feel: from gross, direct manner, painting directly from nature. Set on the banks of a lake I noticed a while inverted in the multitude ofreflections world, shades of green, the smell of the water, humus, everything settle, andI wondered what were the links between a raw feeling, description and winemaking.