This concerns the french residents

A company that invests in the art of living artists and exposes its acquisitions may make tax deductions on income for the year of acquisition and the following four years.

Professionals who bought works and have enrolled in a locked-in account assets can be deducted from profit for the year of acquisition and the next four years in equal installments, an amount equal to the purchase price within 5 per thousand of its net sales.

In return, the company must have over 5 years works acquired in a place accessible to customers, visitors and / or employees of the company, excluding home offices.

Example: a company with net sales of € 200 000 € 6000 to acquire works by living artists. The maximum deduction is equal to € 200,000 x 5/1000 = € 1,000.

The tax deduction: 6.000 x 1/5 = € 1200 to € 1000 Limited (the 200 is lost). On a taxable income, for example, € 10,000, the company will deduct € 1,000, € 9,000 remaining subject to tax.

Artists' works will cost him after 5 years: € 6000 - € 1000 x 5 = € 1,000

If you live in another country

Maybe you can get some advantage when you buy an art work. It depends on the laws of the country you are living in. It's up to you to go through the correct process. Depending of your specific needs, you will receive certificats of authenticity and invoices.